Haylou T19 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Model Haylou T19
Wearing Type In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
Color White
Weight 4g
Size 18.34 x 30.65 x 40.05 mm
Microphone Yes
Bluetooth version V5.0
Bluetooth profiles HFP / A2DP / HSP / AVRCP / APTX
Communication distance 10m (barrier-free and open environment)
Headphone charging time About 2 hours
Continuous use time Approx. 30hr (with charging case)
Battery type Polymer Lithium battery
Pairing name Haylou T19 R/L
Package  Included: 1 x Haylou T19 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
1 x Charging Box
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x English Manual

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1.Qualcomm flagship chip,Bluetooth 5.0,Supports AptX and AAC !

2.Support APP besides pairing animation and battery level display

3.Support customize control, and you can choose sound effect

4.Built in infrared light sensor, intelligent play / pause

5.It has two-way four microphones, which can reduce noise intelligently

6.Support wireless charging

7.Up to 30 hours Playtime

Haylou T19

Haylou T19 is the newest Haylou wireless earbuds. Sales start in July 2020.

For the first time, you can see the updated Qualcomm flagship chipset in low-cost earbuds. Haylou T19 is compatible with aptX and AAC Lossless codecs for Hi-Fi sound quality. The independent connection of each earbud to an audio source is supported. Excellent quality music and sound during conversations are possible, even in noisy environments. Two-way noise reduction using Array NC Tech technology with four microphones is responsible for reducing the noise level. These earphones can be used in games, ultra-low latency will help one step ahead of rivals.

The Haylou T19 uses control without physical buttons. A vibration sensor controls the earbuds. The second feature in control is the automatic start and pause of music. A unique sensor monitors the position of the earbud, and if you remove the earbud from your ear, the player will immediately pause.

The battery life of the earbuds reaches 30 hours when using the charging box, and they fully charge in just two hours. You can use the USB Type-C port or any wireless charger for charging.

The battery life of the earbuds reaches 30 hours when using the charging box, and they fully charge in just two hours. You can use the USB Type-C port or any wireless charger for charging.

Qualcomm flagship chipset updated performance.

Two-way four mic noise canceling.

New clicking control quick and precise.

Pairing animation, battery level display & custom control

Usage detection. Put on to play, take off to pause.

Wireless charging. Put down to charge.

Unbelievable Fast and Stable

Now It’s Time to See Off Lag

Thanks to Qualcomm, the new Haylou T19 with Bluetooth 5.0 chipset offers a double faster speed of signal transmission with 8 times broadcast data than its predecessor. The up-to-date chipset builds an unbreakable, invisible bridge between headsets and your device even in complex networks.

Qualcomm flagship chipset
Overall updated performance
Bluetooth 5.0
Anti-jamming, stable connection

Smart Noise Cancelling with Two-way Four Mics

Clear Whispering
Between You and Her

The breakthrough Array NC Tech featuring two-way four mics can locate sound sources and generate spatial filtering to bring crystal-clear stereo calling in a noisy background.

Besides Pairing Animation and Battery Level Display

You Got More to Explore in App

Pairing animation will jump out upon opening lid. Haylou T19 has to be connected, and the app has to be switched on. Once connected, you may check battery level, customize control, choose a sound effect, set factory, and locate a phone. More functions are waiting for you to explore.

* Pairing animation is not available for the iOS system.

Custom control

Choose sound effect

Smart Wearing Detection

It Knows When to Play and Pause

The built-in, highly sensitive infrared light sensor can sense the user’s wearing status in real-time. When you put on the headphones, the music continues to play; when you remove the headphones, the music pauses. At the same time, it can effectively save power and increase the use time of the headset.

Taste the Sound with AptX

Wireless can be Lossless

The codecs of aptX and AAC have been weaved together, seeking to reveal every acoustic detail. Let different music genres touch your heart deeply.

AptX Lossless Encoding
Core technology from Qualcomm reveals authenticity.
AAC Advanced Audio Coding
Hi-Fi sound is also available on the iOS system.

Steep Yourself into Pure Sound

Wool Biological Driver Offering Amazing Sound

The new Wool Biological Diaphragm, a perfect sound filter, emits clear and pure sound among highs, mids, and bass. Immerse yourself into this magic music world with Haylou T19.

Low Delay Offering Lip-sync

Outstanding chipset means ultra-low delay, always getting you to act before your enemies. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Wireless Charging, Cordless Life

Choose between wired and wireless styles upon yourself

Simply put down carry case on the wireless charger to charge your Haylou T19. No cable, no limit at all.

Wireless charging
Put and charge
Type-C port
Fast charging

Continuously Small Core

One is good enough, but I have two

Qualcomm’s TWS+ technology, dual-channel simultaneous transmission, and simultaneous transmission of sound signals to the left and right ears, fundamentally solved the problems of true wireless headset pairing difficulties and easy disconnection. Also, you can use the left and right headphones independently to enjoy wireless freedom.

Streamline Design Nails the Necessities of the Young

It’s Time to Spice Up Your Gadget

Rejecting stereotypes, the streamlined design gives people a sense of technology and reverie for the future, interprets young attitudes, and shows fashion trends.

Up to 30hr battery life

Never worry about battery again.

4g ultra-lightweight

Pressure-free, secure fit.

One tap to find phone

With the app, you can always find back your phone.

One tap to reset

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